5 FAQ's

Interior design is a collaborative process. Here are five frequently asked questions and answers which I hope will clarify what you can expect as you're considering the best way to move forward. If any of these spark a question for you, please get in touch

AG Designs

AG Designs

Can you help me acquire contractor bids?

Yes! AG Designs works with contractors in multiple areas and can assist in referring a contractor who is a good fit not only for the location of your project, but also the anticipated scope of work. We review the bids together to evaluate questions or changes. 

Will you work with a contractor I’ve already hired?

Absolutely. Sometimes a contractor will recommend AG Designs when they know the project would benefit from a coordinated team. This could be facilitated for full scale project development or on a consultation basis. And sometimes you’ve already begun the process with a contractor you've worked with before, and AG Designs is happy to join you.

Is my project too small to hire a designer?

Not necessarily. AG Designs is always open to a conversation to help you achieve your design goals. After an initial phone call, we can schedule a meeting to establish what you’ll need to move forward.

How do we plan the project around my work schedule?

Most clients I work with are busy people. AG Designs communicates with the general contractor and all trades throughout the duration of the project. AG Designs visits the job site on a regular basis to make sure the work is being implemented as planned, including weekends when needed.

What is the process to hire you?

Each project has unique requirements. After an on site review, you will receive a written proposal outlining the scope of work and related fees. This is typically in two main parts, Design Phase and Project Management Phase. AG Designs will work with you on an hourly basis (usually smaller projects), flat fee (typical for large remodels) or a series of consultations to assist your efforts.

Happy Project Planning! 
AG Designs

AG Designs